Smart vario GPS


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Beeper is a vario hypersensitive to solar energy with very small dimensions. The variometer encloses the same technology as that of the CPilot. Its most popular feature is the ability to pre-programmareil sound via PC and saving different audio files (including three in the internal memory can be selected by pressing a button).


Category: Instruments

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C-PROBE is an incredible and unique sensor platform, designed to provide real data of extreme and unprecedented accuracy to a flight instrument as C-Pilot and EasyPilot or to tablets apps like LK8000. 

C-PROBE is the only instrument existing in in the world of free flying that really calculates the True Air Speed. It is perfect for paramotors, trikes and ultralights. Tests at the wind tunnel of ISAE by one of the most important aerospace institute in the world. 
It stays in the pilot’s cockpit: we did not want to project something dangling, hung with a wire under the pilot that, consequently, becomes useless and detrimental. 

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Easy Pilot

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Do not be tricked by the name "Easy": it's a name chosen to emphasize how easy it is to use this flight device with enormous potential and complete functions. EASY PILOT suits for all pilots: from the most demanding to the beginner who wants to progress and improve with his trusty tool for many years. The philosophy of Easy Pilot is identical to that of CPilot: greater flexibility, adaptability and ease of use, as its name suggests, in a tool with complete and most advanced features. 

C-Pilot Evo

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C-PilotEVO is the most complete, flexible and powerful flight instrument ever. It's the most complete instrument for Cross Country flights. Fully customizable, it fulfils any pilot’s personal expectations, from beginners to very experienced XC or Competition pilots (for his easy custom displays, sound & functions), in any different flight situation as Competition, Cross Country, Leisure flight, Training Flights, and different flight environments.