Be Promoter

Compass wishes to thank all of his customers for the many expressions of esteem we receive every day and that encourage us to improve and grow. We clearly realize that the best advertising is what our customers do every day when they share their flying experience using our smart-varios with other pilots. 
For this reason we have decided to give a sign of appreciation by making this type of advertising rewarding both for them and for those that will choose our instruments: we are introducing a Purchase Coupons that generates a cumulative bonus in favor of those who have advertised our products and also give access to valuable gifts for who purchase through our e-shop. 
1) If you, or a friend of yours, want to purchase Compass instrument, you can ask us to become a “Promoter”. We will send you some Coupons to be used in our e-shop ( but only after the first purchase at standard price ).
2) If you (or a friend) buy an instrument entering the Coupon:
  • the buyer shall have some advantages;
  • the Promoter gains a discount bonus of 8% of the purchase price.

a) If the purchaser buys a C-Pilot EVO, we will give him for free the C-Condom (20 €) and the Assistance packet + serial cable (remote assistance 55€). Total value = 75 €.
b) If the purchaser buys an Easy Pilot, we will give him for free the remote assistance and serial cable (55 €) + T-shirt Compass or Compass hat (total value 70 €)
c) If the purchaser buys a C-Probe, he will receive for free a T-shirt Compass, a Compass hat + a touch pen
d)  the purchaser buys a Beeper. We will give for free the USB cable and the Compass touch pen.  

The promoter gains a discount bonus of 8% of price paid by by the purchaser using the Coupon (take note that the purchaser can be the promoter himself too). The bonus can be used for buying a Compass instrument.  This bonus is cumulative. The only condition required (not to make indiscriminate discounts) is that you have to accumulate al least 180 € bonus discount before spending it.

- if the purchaser spends 800 € the promoter will accumulate a bonus of 64 €; if another Coupon is spent for 900 €, the Promoter will accumulate a bonus discount of 72 € that will be added with the first bonus for a total of 128 € and so on... and reached the minimum bonus of 180 €, the Promoter can buy a Compass Instrument using his bonus. Of course he can buy for himself or for a friend.
If he wants to buy a C-Probe, he will pay the C-Probe € 325+VAT (if Vat is due) with a discount of 128 € that will be automatically recognized by our online e-shop system.
- if you are a group of 3 pilots, one of you can become a Promoter. If you buy 3 C-Pilot EVO GPRS you will have the C-Condom and Additional Assistance packet for free, as buyers. At the same time you will have a total discount of € 237 to share because of the promoters Campaign. Compass does not care if you organize a group of pilots to buy by cumulative orders and use the discount amount gained or you just want to save the bonus for you!
What do you have to do?
You do not have to spend any money, you have not contracts or agreements, and you can organize as you want your promotion. It’s up to you how you make use of this opportunity.  The only requirement is that you are already one of our customers. You just ask us for the Coupons at, specifying your address and data. We reserve to approve. After approving you register yourself in our website and will receive the Coupon codes. Our system will automatically assign discounts that have accumulated and that you can check in your personal account. This is not a job, it’s just an opportunity for you, if you a re a Compass lover.
Please contact us if you wish to know the details of our offer and how to access the Coupons.
We wish you good flights!