Company - Compass Flight Instruments

Passion, simplicity, excellence in performance, components and design; flight safety with reliable data and functions that allow flying with greater confidence and focus. These are the components from where our alchemy is born.

Compass Italy was in fact created by pilots who have joined various professional skills:
Vincenzo Piazza: researcher in physics;
Deivi Gavriil: electronics expert;
Cesare De Pieri: entrepreneur

We created Compass because we felt the urge to bring state-of-the-art technology and electronics to the free-flight world. Free-flight instruments with color displays, touch-enabled input, and high power processors were our dream.
In the design of the first prototypes, multiple ideas for new features and graphics were gathered, evaluated, and tested with the invaluable help of several top-level pilots. An instrument without compromises was being crafted. We wanted to give nothing short of excellence to impose us as a leader in product quality. From all this, the C-Pilot PRO was born.

The guidelines that Team Compass decided to follow for the realization of C-Pilot PRO, and thereafter for further projects were the following:

  • Our instruments must be truly personal, fully customizable tools, that can adapt to the needs and tastes of each pilot, cut like a tailored suit.
  • They must be simple and intuitive to use, because we feel that the essence of excellence is simplicity: there is no point having a thousand functions if their use is complicated.
  • No compromises in software and hardware would be accepted. Our instruments must last for years. We achieve this target by providing free updates to all our devices.

The objectives have been achieved, so that C-Pilot PRO was found to be the instrument of choice for several world champions (Aaron Durogati, Charles Cazeaux, Luca Donini, Jimmy Pacher and many others ...), people that cannot accept compromises.

Experience with the C-Pilot PRO and the newer C-Pilot EVO led us to the design of the Easy Pilot, a device that while being more affordable, retains almost all of the characteristics of C-Pilot PRO and the same philosophy.
At the same time, we also developed the XC-Pilot, for those who need a smaller size (hang gliders and pilots who love to reduced weight and dimensions) with the same features of the C-Pilot EVO.

We are artisans who cares for each instrument and uses the best components with no compromises. At the same time, we care for each pilot. This led us to completely revolutionize the sales approach: we decided to go directly to the pilots, without a distribution network. This gives us the advantage of knowing each client directly and interact directly with him/her.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any need, curiosity or just for a chat. We are at your disposal, with our passion.