Software Update 2017

The new software Update 2017 is now available for the whole range of our

Tactical Flight Computer. 

Even more complete and with the addition of features that make it compatible with the latest FAI regulations for the 2017 competitions, and much more...



Important Update for C-Pilot PRO, C-Pilot EVO and Easy Pilot.

With this update, we bring the latest innovations available in newer models even for users of C-Pilot PRO. Clearly they can't enjoy all the benefits like extended memory by SD card and LiveTrack services due the obvious reasons that  these hardware modules are not present in the PRO model, but the navigation and device management are matched. We have introduced major changes to increase the stability of the system and modified / updated some features.

Below a list of the changes from version 3.2.66 to 3.2.120 for C-Pilot Evo and Easy Pilot's users and from v. 2.9.81 to 3.2.120 for the C-Pilot PRO's users:

C-Pilot PRO:

- added the support of cartography for all  the world like the new models C-Pilot EVo and Easy Pilot
- added the FAI triangle assistant
- At power ON, the backup battery of the GPS antenna is checked and, if the voltage is not enough to turn ON the antenna,  automatically the system restart the GPS untill restore the correct reception of the satellites signal without reboot  the Instrument
- added or improved the same features of the new models  C-Pilot EVo and Easy Pilot and reported below

C-Pilot EVO and Easy Pilot


- added data field "Height_over_terrain_at_waypoint"
- Task, exported on the SD card , is now easy and super-fast to share with other pilots that use C-Pilot EVO or Easy Pilot
- added button  "stop goto" on the Command page for a fast "goto" remove
- now is possible to set a safety margin at waypoint according to FAI rules
- now is possible to switch the earth model between FAI Sphere and WGS84
- added "@" on the keyboard


- buttons for the USB connection in "read only" mode and "read and write" mode are now splitted
- now is not possible to upgrade the devices at a version of another model of our devices
- fixed bug about the creation of the SD structure when the "format SD" button is pressed
- fixed bug that may cause crash of the system on the tiles management
- update of live-track routines to avoid freezes of the system while switching OFF the device
- fixed bug at the drawing routine of the big cilinders
- improved algorith about the route optimisation
- added a warning popup if the ES or the start is missing on a task
- fixed bug about the start of the track simulation if the track was too much big
- fixed bug that may cause crash pushing the button "close triangle" on the FAI triangle navigation
- fixed bug that may can hide the correct track while the "Thermal autozoom" is detected
- fixed bug that may cancel the ES if a new waypoint was added at the task
- fixed bug that may cause crash of system adding the first waypoint of the task pressing the waypoint directly on the plotter
- improved routine of live-track, now the flight is entirely buffered and all point are sent when a valid gprs connection is active while flying
- improved routine of live-track, randomly the packet sending may cause a rallenty of the system
- fixed bug about the C-Probe's data transfer on the NMEA sentence, now datas are correctly exported
- Vertical speed Min and Max  are now stored only after the takeoff to avoid "crazy" data on the flight infos
- fixed bug about the Oceania area cartography visualisation
- fixed bug about the user interface on the airspace page management that may cause crash of system

And now...

...It’s up to you to enjoy the finest free-flight instruments and get the maximum performance in your in Cross Country flights. In 2017 and in many years to come.



Important notes !! Read carefully before upgrade

In some cases, the update of the device may deletes the USB partition or incorrect formatting the SD card.

It 'also possible that, in the event of errors in the USB partition that contains the setup files, the update will not be successful with the consequence of having to reset the instrument to factory settings, operation only possible using the special serial cable / usb.

So, please, follow these steps to update:

  • Take an backup copy of the USB folders and SD card before upgrading to have a safe copy from the Restore configuration, if necessary
  • Remove the SD card ( only for the devices with external memory ) then format the USB partition using the proper button located on the setting page of the device.
  • upgrade the device according to the instructions on the user's manual
  • At the end of the procedure, restart the instrument and verify the update was done successfully.
  • Then connect the device to PC by USB cable using the standard procedure and check the USB configuration folders
  • if the instrument should not be recognized by the PC, disconnect the USB cable and run the formatting procedure of the USB partition from the general configuration page of the instrument, and then resume from the previous point of this guide
  • Insert the SD card and confirm the format option, if requested: This will not delete any data but adds the subfolder "cartography" on the SD card
  • Verify the successful creation of the subfolder "cartography" on the SD card or generate it manually